July 27, 2015 07:07 PM

Recess until 9:15pm--nominations confirmed and Louisiana resolution adopted--second degree filing deadline

The Senate stands in recess until 9:15pm, with the time counting post-cloture. We anticipate a live quorum call around 10:00pm. The schedule for tonight is a bit fluid. Once a quorum is established, we anticipate a voice vote on a motion to table the McConnell amendment to the underlying bill. Then we need to dispose of the ACA amendment, which is subject to a point of order that the amendment is not germane post-cloture. There could be a vote (voice or roll call) in relation to an appeal of the ruling of the chair. Upon disposition of the ACA amendment, there will be a roll call vote on adoption of the Ex-Im amendment (majority vote threshold) and then a cloture vote on the highway substitute (60-vote threshold).

The filing deadline for second degree amendments to the substitute is 1 hour prior to the cloture vote. That would be in the 9:30pm range tonight, depending on how the night goes. The filing deadline for second degree amendments to the underlying bill would be 1 hour prior to the cloture vote on the bill. That deadline would be sometime Wednesday morning.

10:00pm-likely sequence--

Live quorum-senators are asked to report to the floor

Expected motion to table McConnell first degree amendment to underlying bill #2329 (2 month surface transportation extension) (successful motion to table would take down second degree SA #2330) (likely voice vote);

Expected point of order against McConnell amendment #2328 (ACA repeal) (possible Lee appeal the ruling of the chair on germaneness)

Adoption of Kirk amendment #2327 (Ex-Im reauthorization) (majority vote threshold); and

Cloture on McConnell amendment #2266, as modified (highway substitute) (60-vote threshold).

Wrap Up

Passed HR 876, NOTICE Act

Adopted S.Res. 231, Honoring the memory and legacy of the two Louisiana citizens who lost their lives, recognizing the heroism of first responders and those on the scene, and condemning the attack of July 23, 2015, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Confirmed the following nominations:


Cal. #219 - Maj. Gen. John N. T. Shanahan to be Lieutenant General.


Cal. #220 - Maj. Gen.  Michael X. Garrett to be Lieutenant General.


Cal. #221 - Capt. Darse E. Crandall to be Rear Admiral (lower half)

Cal. #222 - Rear Adm. Joseph E. Tofalo to be Vice Admiral.


Cal. #223 - Gen. Paul J. Selva to be General.


Cal. #225 - Gen. Darren W. McDew to be General.

Cal. #226 - Maj. Gen. David J. Buck to be Lieutenant General.

Cal. #227 - Lt. Gen. Tod D. Wolters to be Lieutenant General.

Cal. #228 - Lt. Gen. Russell J. Handy to be Lieutenant General.

Cal. #229 - Col. Frank H. Stokes to be Brigadier General.

Cal. #230 - Lt. Gen. John W. Raymond to be Lieutenant General.


Cal. #231 - Col. James E. Porter, Jr. to be Brigadier General.

Cal. #233 - Maj. Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson to be Lieutenant General.


Cal. #234 - Rear Adm. Kevin D. Scott to be Vice Admiral.

Cal. #235 - Rear Adm. Kevin M. Donegan to be Vice Admiral


Cal. #236 - Maj. Gen. Michael H. Shields to be Lieutenant General.

Cal. #237 - Brig. Gen. Victor J. Braden to be Major General


Cal. #238 - Rear Adm. Richard P. Breckenridge to be Vice Admiral


Cal #239 - The following to be Brigadier General

Colonel David W. Ashley

Colonel Jeremy O. Baenen

Colonel Stephen F. Baggerly

Colonel Samuel W. Black

Colonel Christine M. Burckle

Colonel David B. Burgy

Colonel Janus D. Butcher

Colonel John D. Caine

Colonel Craig A. Campbell

Colonel Joseph S. Chisolm

Colonel Floyd W. Dunstan

Colonel Douglas A. Farnham

Colonel Laurie M. Farris

Colonel Jerry L. Fenwick

Colonel Dawn M. Ferrell

Colonel Douglas E. Fick

Colonel Arthur J. Floru

Colonel Donald A. Furland

Colonel Timothy H. Gaasch

Colonel Kerry M. Gentry

Colonel Jerome M. Gouhin

Colonel Randy E. Greenwood

Colonel Robert J. Grey, Jr.

Colonel Edith M. Grunwald

Colonel Gregory M. Henderson

Colonel Elizabeth A. Hill

Colonel John S. Joseph

Colonel Jill A. Lannan

Colonel James M. LeFavor

Colonel Jeffrey A. Lewis

Colonel Timothy T. Lunderman

Colonel Eric W. Mann

Colonel Betty J. Marshall

Colonel Sherrie L. McCandless

Colonel Kevin T. McManaman

Colonel David J. Meyer

Colonel Steven S. Nordhaus

Colonel Scott W. Normandeau

Colonel Richard C. Oxner, Jr.

Colonel Kirk S. Pierce

Colonel Theresa B. Prince

Colonel David L. Romuald

Colonel Edward A. Sauley, III

Colonel Keith A Schell

Colonel Brian M. Simpler

Colonel Charles G. Stevenson

Colonel Bradley A. Swanson

Colonel Dean A. Tremps

Colonel William M. Valentine

Colonel Richard W. Wedan

Cal #240-Col. Steven A. Schaick to be Brigadier General


Cal #241-Col Jeffrey A. Doll to be Brigadier General


Cal #242-Lt. Gen. Carlton D. Everhart, II to be General

Cal #243-Col. Dondi E. Costin to be Major General


Cal #244-Maj. Gen. Stephen R. Lyons to be Lieutenant General


Cal #245-Rear Adm. John C. Aquilino to be Vice Admiral

Cal #246-Vice Adm. Robert L. Thomas, Jr. to be Vice Admiral


Cal #247-Maj. Gen. Lawrence D. Nicholson to be Lieutenant General

And all nominations placed on the Secretary's desk in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.