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5:30pm roll call vote postponed until 12:15pm Tuesday

By unanimous consent, the previous order with respect to the roll call vote scheduled for 5:30pm today has been vitiated and re-scheduled until 12:15pm on Tuesday.

At 12:15pm on Tuesday, July 26th, the Senate will proceed to Executive Session to consider the following nominations en bloc:

-          Calendar #83  Paul A. Engelmayer, of New York, to be US District Judge for the Southern District of New York and

-          Calendar #84 Ramona Villagomez Manglona, of the Northern Mariana Islands, to be District Judge for the Northern Mariana Islands for a term of ten years.

With 2 minutes of debate equally divided and controlled in the usual form.

Therefore at approximately 12:17pm on Tuesday, the Senate will conduct a roll call vote on confirmation of Calendar #83.  Calendar #84 is expected to be confirmed by voice vote.