July 24, 2015 10:22 AM

Cruz attempt to call up first degree amendment (Iran) when tree was no slots were available

Senator Cruz attempted to called up amendment #2301 to the McConnell amendment #2266, as modified.

The chair ruled that the amendment is not in order to be offered as it is inconsistent with the Senate's precedents with respect to the offering of amendments, their number degree, and kind.

Senator Cruz appealed the ruling of the chair that the amendment is not in order. The appeal of the rule of the chair is debatable until cloture is invoked.

We expect 3 roll call votes on the following items at a time to be determined on Sunday (could be in the 2pm range, but not set yet):

  1. Cloture on McConnell amendment #2328 (ACA repeal), if cloture is not invoked, then
  2. Cloture on Kirk amendment #2327 (Ex-Im reauthorization), if cloture is invoked, then
  3. Cruz appeal of the chair that amendment #2301 is not in order.