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Portman amendment agreed to by voice vote, Cardin amendment offered, Student Loans today

Senator Portman called up his amendment #1749, as modified (bridges in critical corridors program). The amendment, as modified, was then agreed to by a voice vote.

Senator Murray then called up Cardin amendment #1760 (report on condition of lane miles and highway bridge decks).

Senator Murray encouraged senators with amendments to reach out to the managers in order to call up their amendments. Senator Reid would like to complete action on the bill in the next 24 hours.

We will also execute the order on the Student Loan bill potentially around noon today. Under the order, there will be up to 6 hours for debate prior to a series of 4 votes in relation to the following amendments and on passage of the bill.

-          Reed (RI)-Warren second degree amendment to Manchin-Burr amendment;

-          Sanders second degree amendment to Manchin-Burr amendment;

-          Manchin-Burr amendment, as amended, if amended; and

-          Passage of H.R. 1911, as amended, if amended.