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Reid moves to proceed to THUD Appropriations, plus outlook on Perez, McCarthy, and student loans

Senator Reid moved to proceed to Calendar #99, S. 1243, the Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations bill. The motion to proceed is a debatable motion and we will work with senators on an agreement to adopt the motion early next week.

The Senate is in a period of morning business for 1 hour, with senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each. The Majority controls the first 30 minutes and the Republicans control the final 30 minutes.

Following morning business, the Senate will resume Executive session to consider Executive Calendar #99, the nomination of Thomas Perez, of Maryland, to be Secretary of Labor, post-cloture. We would like to vote on confirmation of the Perez nomination and cloture on the McCarthy nomination this morning and on confirmation of the McCarthy nomination early after the lunches. We will continue to work with the Republicans on an agreement to set those votes. Senators will be notified when the votes are scheduled.

Senator Reid also announced that there is also an agreement among Senators Harkin, Durbin, King, Manchin, Alexander, Coburn and Burr on the student loan interest rate legislation. We will work with senators on a path forward that could result in a couple votes. I suspect the process of reaching an agreement for floor consideration will take a bit of time and it would slip into next week, but Senator Reid has said he would like to consider it as soon as possible.