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Schedule for Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Senate stands adjourned until 9:30am on Thursday, July 16. Following any leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of S.1177, Every Child Achieves Act, post-cloture. The time during adjournment counts post-cloture.

At 10:45am, there will be a series of roll call votes. We expect at least 6 roll call votes, with the potential of more being added. The list of amendments that will be considered can be found below. We expect to consider Hatch through Warren with voice votes.

10:45am-at least 6 roll call votes expected:

  1. Cruz SA #2180 (State-determined assessment)
  2. Sanders SA #2177 (youth jobs) (60-vote threshold)
  3. Coons SA #2243 (American Dream accounts) (60-vote threshold)
  4. Burr SA #2247, as modified (formula)
  5. Brown SA #2100 (full-service community schools grant).
  6. Casey SA #2242 (universal pre-k) (60-vote threshold)
  1. Hatch SA #2082 (early learning)
  2. Warren SA #2106 (literacy development)
  3. Schatz SA #2130 (assessments)
  4. Murphy SA #2186 (Promise Neighborhoods program)
  5. Nelson SA #2215, as modified (STEM)
  6. Manchin SA #2222 (substance abuse)
  7. Boozman SA #2231 (postsecondary education and workforce preparation)
  8. Baldwin SA #2188 (needs of all levels of schooling)
  9. Capito SA #2156 (State report card data)
  10. Thune SA #2232 (Project SERV grants)
  11. King SA #2256 (eligible tech and tech readiness)
  12. Schatz SA #2240 (Native American language)
  13. Warren SA #2249 (cross-tabulation of student data)