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11:30am roll call votes

The Senate has reached an agreement that results in a series of 4 roll call votes and 6 voice votes at 11:30am today.

11:30am vote series-#'s 1-4 will be roll call votes and 5-10 voice votes:

  1. Daines SA #2110 (Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act) (60-vote threshold)
  2. Warren SA #2120 (cross tabulation of student data)
  3. Brown SA #2099 (site source resource coordinator)
  4. Toomey SA #2094 (background checks)
  5. Portman SA#2147 (recovery support services)
  6. Manchin SA #2103 (volunteerism and community service)
  7. Kaine SA#2096 (career and technical education)
  8. Heller SA #2121 (consultation with governors)
  9. Feinstein SA #2087 (homeless certification)
  10. Fischer SA #2079 (local governance)

The agreement is as follows:

The time until 11:30am will be equally divided between the two managers or their designees. It is in order to call up the following amendments:

Daines SA #2110 (60-vote threshold)

Warren SA #2120

Brown SA #2099

Portman SA#2147

Manchin SA #2103

Kaine SA#2096

Heller SA #2121

Feinstein SA #2087

The pending Toomey amendment #2094 (background checks) will be modified with the changes at the desk.

At 11:30am, there will be roll call votes in relation to the Daines, Warren, Brown and Toomey (as modified) amendments and voice votes on the remaining amendments listed in the order listed followed by a voice vote on the pending Fischer SA #2079, with 60-affirmative vote threshold for adoption of the Daines amendment. No second degree amendments are in order to any of the amendments prior to the votes. There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided between each vote.