July 7, 2016 07:02 PM

Objections to amendments in relation to GMO message; post cloture time expires at 10:22pm

Senator McConnell asked unanimous consent that there be 20 minutes of debate, equally divided; that Senator Sanders be allowed to offer amendment #4948 (substitute) to the motion to concur with further amendment; that upon the use or yielding back of time, the Senate vote on Sanders amendment with a 60 vote affirmative threshold required for adoption; following disposition of the amendment, the remaining amendment will be withdrawn and the Senate vote on the motion to concur in the House amendment with further amendment.

Senator Merkley asked that the request be modified to include the following amendments:

Sanders #4948 (substitute)

Leahy #4966 (grandfather)

Merkley #4969 (QR Code)

Sasse #4972 (prohibition on federal labeling)

Paul #4947 (no criminal penalties)

Murkowski #4954 (salmon);

that there be 1 hour for debate prior to votes in relation to the amendments in the order listed; that all amendments be subject to a 60 vote threshold for adoption; upon disposition of the amendments, all post-cloture time will be yielded back and the Senate will vote on the motion to concur.

Senator Roberts objected to the modification. Senator Merkley objected to the original request.

Unless an agreement is reached, all post cloture time on the motion to concur will expire at 10:22pm tonight. Upon the use or yielding back of time, the Senate would need to dispose of the pending McConnell amendment (date change), vote on the motion to concur with respect to S.764, with an amendment (GMO), and cloture on the motion to proceed to H.R.5293, DOD Appropriations. Additional procedural votes are possible between now and when time expires.