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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Friday, July 01, 2005

  • S.Res.186, a resolution relating to victims of genocide in Darfur, Sudan
  • S.Res.187, a resolution to permit filming of Senate Chamber for historic documentary of Capitol
  • S.Res.188, legal counsel representation
  • S.1368, a bill to reauthorize the U.S. Parole Commission and Sentencing Commission
  • S.1275, a bill to designate teh Alice Brusich Post Office Building in Ward Cove, Alaska
  • S.1323, a bill to designate teh Dorothy and Connie Hibbs Post Office Building in Girdwood, Alaska
  • S.362, a bill to establish a NOAA program on marine debris (with Stevens-Inouye amendment)
  • S.39, a bill to establish a coordinated national ocean exploration program (with Stevens-Inouye amendment)
  • S.50, a bill to authorize and strengthen NOAA's tsunami warning and detection program (with Stevens-Inouye amendment)
  • S.361, a bill to develop and maintain an integrated system of ocean and coastal observation for tsunami (with Stevens-Inouye amendment)
  • S.268, a bill relating to closed captioning
  • S.432, a bill to establish a digital and wireless network technology program
  • S.Res.189, a resolution congratulating Michael Campbell for his victory at the U.S. Open golf tournament
  • S.Res.190, a resolution recognizing the 100th Anniversary of Mesa Verda National Park
  • S.Res.191, a resolution relating to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on her retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court