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Agreement on Surface Transportation/Flood Insurance/Student Loan conference report

The Senate has reached an agreement to consider the conference report to accompany H.R.4348 (Transportation/Flood Insurance/Student Loan Interest Rate package) notwithstanding lack of receipt of the papers. As a result of this agreement, senators should expect a series of up to 4 roll call votes beginning at ­­­­12:55pm today.

Under the agreement the only points of order in order prior to adoption are:

-       Budget points of order;

-       Rule 28 (scope of conference); and

-       Rule 28, paragraph 9 (48 hour availability).

If any points of order are raised and a motion or motions to waive are made, the Senate will proceed to vote on the motion to waive in the order the points of order are made. If the motions to waive are successful, the Senate would proceed to vote on adoption of the conference report. Adoption of the conference report is subject to a 60 affirmative vote threshold.

There will be 2 minutes for debate prior to each vote. Each vote after the first vote will be 10 minutes in duration.

If the conference report is adopted, the title amendment will be agreed to.