June 27, 2013 12:46 PM

4pm vote on passage of Immigration Reform bill

Cloture on S.744, as amended, if amended, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, was invoked 68-32.

At 4pm the Senate will proceed to vote on passage of S.744, as amended, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. Senators are asked to vote from their desks.

The time until 4pm will be equally divided between the Chair and Ranking Member, or their designees; with the final 20 minutes equally divided, with the Majority Leader controlling the final ten minutes;

The following Senators have 8 minutes each from the Majority's time:

-          Senator Flake;

-          Senator Bennet;

-          Senator Rubio;

-          Senator Menendez;

-          Senator Graham;

-          Senator Durbin;

-          Senator McCain; and

-          Senator Schumer.

Senator Landrieu have 5 minutes from the Majority's time.