June 25, 2013 04:29 PM

3 roll call votes at 11:30am tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26

The Senate has reached an agreement to set up 3 votes for 11:30am tomorrow. Those votes would be in relation to the following items:

-       Leahy motion to waive all applicable Budget points of order;

-       Adoption of Leahy amendment #1183, as modified;

-       Cloture on the committee-reported substitute amendment, as amended.

If cloture is invoked on the committee-reported substitute the time will count as if cloture had been invoked at 1am on Wednesday, June 26th.

Senator Vitter made a point of order that the bill would violate the Senate pay-go rule. Senator Leahy moved to waive all points of order with respect to the bill and pending amendments.

Senators are still working on a potential agreement to consider amendments to the bill, however, additional votes today seem to be unlikely.