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Consent agreement with respect to S.679

By unanimous consent, the cloture motion with respect to the motion to proceed to Calendar #75, S.679, the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act was vitiated, the Senate adopted the motion to proceed to the bill and is now considering S.679

The Senate then entered into the following consent agreement with respect to S.679

The committee substitute amendment was agreed to and will be considered original text for the purpose of further amendment.  The time until 3pm today, Wednesday, June 22nd will be a period for debate only. 

Following the debate only time, it will be in order for any Senator to call up any relevant, filed amendment, including a  managers' amendment to be offered by Senators Alexander and Schumer.  No amendment offered to the bill will be divisible.  Further, in addition to relevant amendments offered to the bill, the amendments listed here are also in order:

- Vitter related to czars (60-vote threshold),

- DeMint related to IMF bailouts (60-vote threshold), and

- Coburn related to duplications (two-thirds-vote threshold)

Upon the disposition of amendments, the bill will be read a third time and the Senate will conduct a vote on passage of the bill, as amended, if amended, with a 60-vote threshold. If the bill does not achieve 60 affirmative votes on passage, the bill will be returned to the calendar.

Upon disposition of S.679, the Senate will proceed to the immediate consideration of Calendar #45, S.Res.116, a resolution providing for expedited consideration of certain nominations with only relevant amendments in order.

Finally, upon the disposition of the amendments to the resolution, the Senate will proceed to vote on the adoption of the resolution as amended, if amended.