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Cloture filed on Leahy amendment #1183, as modified

After much hard work and negotiations, we have made significant progress on S.744, the Comprehensive Immigration reform bill.

Senator Leahy modified amendment #1183, with the text of a perfecting substitute amendment that includes negotiated border security language. Senator Reid then offered a technical amendment in the second degree slot and filed cloture on Leahy amendment #1183, as modified. By consent, the cloture vote on the Leahy amendment #1183, as modified, will occur at 5:30pm on Monday, June 24.

Senator Reid also filled the underlying bill side of the amendment tree and entered a motion to recommit the bill with instructions and filled that portion of the amendment tree with technical amendments.

The Senate will vote on Monday evening on the motion to invoke cloture on the Leahy border security amendment. We'll continue to work to get an agreement to help process amendments. But, barring any further agreement the Senate will vote on cloture on the committee-substitute early Wednesday and cloture on the bill on Thursday. We'll finish the bill before the recess.