June 18, 2013 06:53 PM

Next amendments in order to Immigration bill

The amendments listed below are in order to be called up to S.744, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. No second degree amendments are in order prior to a vote, and the amendments are not subject to division. Tomorrow we will continue to work towards an agreement to vote in relation to the amendments.

-          Manchin #1268 (border security contractor salaries);

-          Pryor #1298 (recruitment of former Armed Forces members for Customs and Border Protection);

-          Merkley #1237, as modified (H2-B nonimmigrants);

-          Boxer #1240 (National Guard/Coast Guard training);

-          Reed #1224 (merit-based immigrant visa applicants)

-          Cornyn #1251 (Statement of Congressional findings);

-          Lee #1208 (Fast-track approval of border security);

-          Paul #1200, as modified (border security enhancements);

-          Heller amendment #1227 (Nevada representative on Southern Border Security Commissions); and

-          Cruz #1320 (border security).