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Schmehl nomination confirmed 100-0, Vitter intends to make point of order against bill next week

The Schmehl nomination was confirmed 100-0. There will be no further roll call votes this week.

The Senate has resumed consideration of S.744, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

The following amendments are pending to S.744:

-          Leahy #1183 (international performing arts)

-          Thune #1197 (permanent resident status after border completion)

-          Landrieu #1222 (citizenship for internationally adopted children);

-          Tester #1198 (modify Border Oversight Task Force to include tribal government officials)

-          Vitter #1228 (US-VISIT system)

Senator Vitter talked about a point of order he intends to make as early as early next week against the emergency designation provision contained in the bill in section D-1 and it's pursuant to section 403-E of the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget resolution. He noted that when this same point of order was raised against other measures, the Republican side of the aisle has upheld it. It would take 60-affirmative votes to waive such a point of order.