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Objections to proceeding to votes at 4 or 4:30pm today

Senator Reid asked unanimous consent that at 4:30pm today the Senate proceed to a series of 5 roll call votes in relation to the amendments listed below. That no second degree amendments be in order and that each amendment be subject to 60-vote thresholds.

-          Grassley #1195 (border security);

-          Thune #1197 (permanent resident status after border completion);

-          Vitter #1228 (biometric check in system);

-          Landrieu #1222 (adoption); and

-          Tester #1198 (modify Border Oversight Task Force to include tribal government officials).

Senator Grassley objected. He then asked consent that Thune #1197, Vitter #1228, Landrieu #1222, and Tester #1198 be in order; and that at 4pm the Senate vote in relation to the Leahy amendment #1183 and the Grassley amendment #1195. Senator Reid objected. Senator Grassley was outraged that the request set the votes at 60-vote thresholds. Negotiations will continue to schedule votes in relation to amendments to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.