June 12, 2012 05:43 PM

Senator Paul objects to the consideration of amendments to Farm bill/Reid offers SNAP and Sugar amendments

Senator Reid asked the following unanimous consent to consider several amendments and a motion to the Farm bill and Senator Paul objected. (See Paul's remarks on ending aid to Pakistan and Senator Reid's remarks on the Farm bill below)

Senator Reid asked unanimous consent to call up and agree to a Stabenow-Roberts perfecting amendment #2389 (Managers' amendment) and that the bill, as amended, be considered original text for the purpose of further amendment. That the amendments and motion listed below be the first in order to the bill, with 60 minutes for debate equally divided on each amendment. That upon the use or yielding back of all time, the Senate proceed to vote in relation to the amendments and motion.


- Paul amendment #2182 (SNAP);

- Shaheen amendment #2160 (Sugar);

- Coburn amendment #2353 (elimination of certain working land conservation programs ;

- Cantwell amendment #2370 (pulse crop products) and

- Lee Motion to Recommit the bill, S. 3240, to the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry with instructions to report the same back to the Senate with a reduction in spending to 2008 levels so that overall spending shall not exceed $604,840,000,000.


Further, no amendments or motions are in order to the amendments or the Lee motion prior to the votes other than motions to waive points of order and motions to table. Upon disposition of the Lee motion, the Majority Leader will be recognized.

As noted earlier, Senator Paul objected to this request.

Senator Reid then called up Stabenow-Roberts amendment #2389 (Managers' amendment) and a second degree amendment #2390 (date change).

He then moved to recommit the bill with instructions to report back forthwith amendment #2391 and offered amendments to the instructions in the first and second degree amendment slots. Those amendments are as follows:

- Reid amendment #2392, which is text of Paul amendment #2182 (SNAP) and

- Reid amendment #2393 which is text of Shaheen amendment #2160 (Sugar).

Finally, for procedural reasons he moved to proceed to S.1940, Flood Insurance extension. The Farm bill remains the pending business.