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Objections to additional pending amendments to S.954, the Farm bill

This afternoon, there were multiple requests for additional amendments to be called up to S.954, the Farm bill.  None of the amendments received the consent necessary.  The details of each request are below.

Senator McCain asked unanimous consent to set aside the pending amendment so that his amendment #956 (catfish) could be made pending. Senator Landrieu objected to his request because she would like to call up her amendment #1113 (flood insurance) and is currently unable to receive unanimous consent.

Senator Coburn asked unanimous consent to set aside the pending amendment and call up his amendments:

-          Coburn #1003 (prohibit Federal farm subsidies to person having seriously delinquent tax debts),

-          Coburn #1004 (conservation purposes to end subsidies to millionaires),

-          Coburn #1005 (consolidate nutrition programs),

-          Coburn #1006 (access and safety of specialty crops),

-          Coburn #1007 (funding for market access program),

-          Coburn #1008 (eliminate duplicative access to broadband telecommunications in rural areas),

-          Coburn #1010 (prohibit replacement of ICD-9 with ICD-10 in implementing HIPAA standards),

-          McCaskill #1076 (prohibition on performance awards in Senior Executive Service during sequestration),

-          Coburn #1152 (allow demonstration projects to promote healthy eating among SNAP recipients).

Senator Landrieu objected to the first 5 requests.  Senator Stabenow objected on Senator Landrieu's behalf to the subsequent requests.

Senator Landrieu asked unanimous consent to set aside the pending amendment and call up the following amendments:

-          Landrieu #1113 (flood insurance)

-          Johnson SD-Crapo #1117 (flood insurance)

-          Cardin #1159 (side by side to Grassley #1097) and

-          Grassley #1097 (protect information of livestock producers)

that the time until 5:00pm be for debate on the amendments, that at 5:00pm, the Senate proceed to vote on the amendments and that all amendments be subject to a 60 affirmative vote threshold.

Senator Toomey objected to Senator Landrieu's request because he would like additional amendments to be permitted to be made pending and receive votes.

Senator Coburn asked unanimous consent that every amendment filed to the Farm bill be considered read, debatable, and be available for a vote.  Senator Stabenow objected to the request.