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Amendments to S.954, the Farm Bill

The following amendments are pending to S.954, the Farm bill: The following amendments have been considered to S.954, the Farm bill:
  • Cantwell amendment #919 (Indian tribes - land and soil conservation programs) Agreed to: 87-8
  • Sessions amendment #945, as modified (eligibility criteria for agriculture irrigation assistance) Agreed to by unanimous consent
  • Roberts amendment #948 (SNAP) Not Agreed to: 40-58
  • Gillibrand amendment #931 (SNAP funding) Not Agreed to: 26-70
  • Inhofe amendment #960 (repeal SNAP and establish nutrition assistance block program) Not Agreed to: 36-60
  • Franken amendment #992 (access to grocery delivery for homebound seniors and persons with disabilities) Agreed to by unanimous consent
  • Vitter amendment #1056 (end food stamp eligibility for convicted violent rapists, pedophiles, and murderers) Agreed to by unanimous consent
  • Shaheen amendment #925 (Federal sugar program) Not Agreed to: 45-54
  • Sanders amendment #965 (GMO foods) Not Agreed to: 27-71 (60 vote threshold)
  • Feinstein amendment #923 (crop insurance - tobacco) Not Agreed to: 44-52 (60 vote threshold)
  • Hagan amendment #1031 (crop insurance fraud) Agreed to: 94-0
  • Durbin-Coburn amendment #953 (crop insurance premiums) Agreed to: 59-33
  • Moran amendment #987 (alfalfa) Agreed to: 72-18
  • Coons amendment #1079 (food aid) Agreed to by voice vote