May 22, 2015 03:12 PM

Up to 7 roll call votes at 5pm, if no agreement is reached

The Senate has reconvened and resumed consideration of H.R.1314, post-cloture. The post-cloture debate on the Hatch substitute runs out at 4:56pm today. If all time is used and no agreement on amendments can be reached, the Senate would dispose of the remaining pending germane amendments, vote on adoption of the Hatch substitute amendment #1221 (non-germane amendments would fall if a point of order is raised), and then cloture on the underlying bill. If cloture on the bill is invoked, there would be an additional 30 hours of post-cloture debate prior to a vote on passage. If no agreement is reached, we would have at least 7 roll call votes at 5:00pm.

As a reminder, yesterday Senator McConnell filed cloture on the motions to proceed to H.R.2048, USA Freedom Act, and S.1357, 2 month Patriot Act extension, and we need to consider a bill to extend the Highway Trust Fund. If no agreement can be reached the cloture vote on the motion to proceed to the USA Freedom Act would occur one hour after the Senate convenes tomorrow or upon disposition of the Trade bill, whichever is later. If cloture is not invoked on the motion  to proceed to USA Freedom Act, there would be an immediate cloture vote on the motion to proceed to the 2 month Patriot Act extension. If cloture is invoked on either, there would be up to 30 hours of post-cloture debate before the next vote.

Another message will be sent if an agreement is reached.

The following amendments are pending to H.R.1314, Trade:

  1. HatchSA #1221 (substitute)
  2. FlakeSA #1243 (strike TAA) (arguably germane)
  3. InhofeSA #1312, as modified (AGOA) (arguably non-germane)
  4. McCainSA #1226 (catfish) (arguably non-germane)
  5. Portman-StabenowSA #1299 (currency manipulation) (arguably germane)
  6. BrownSA #1251 (docking) (arguably germane)
  7. ShaheenSA #1227 (small business) (arguably not germane)
  8. WarrenSA #1327 (investor state dispute) (arguably germane)
  9. Hatch #1411to #1299, as modified (currency) (arguably germane)

5:00pm-up to 7 roll call votes:

  1. Hatch #1411to #1299, as modified (currency)
  2. Portman-StabenowSA #1299 (currency manipulation)
  3. WarrenSA #1327 (investor state dispute)
  4. BrownSA #1251 (docking)
  5. FlakeSA #1243 (strike TAA) (arguably germane)
  6. HatchSA #1221 (substitute)
  7. Cloture on H.R.1314, as amended, if amended