May 19, 2016 11:53 AM

Roll Call Vote on Collins motion to waive budget re: zika--additional votes in this series is possible

Senator Lee made a budget point of order against Blunt-Murray amendment #3900 ($1.1 billion for zika funding). Senator Collins moved to waive the point of order.

11:17am, the Senate began a 15 minute roll call vote on the Collins motion to waive the Blunt amendment;

Waived: 70-28

If the point of order is waived, there would be an immediate vote on the Blunt amendment and then a cloture vote on the THUD MilCon VA substitute.

As a reminder, if cloture is invoked on the substitute, it is in order for Collins to call up amendment #3898 (alternative to Lee). We will need to dispose of that amendment, Lee #3897 (housing affirmative action), McCain #4039 (CHOICE) before we adopt the substitute.

There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided between each vote. There may be additional votes in this series.


  1. Adoption of Blunt-Murray amendment #3900 (Zika funding) (majority vote threshold); and
  2. Cloture on substitute amendment #3896 to H.R.2577, THUD MilCon VA appropriations (60-vote threshold).