May 14, 2013 03:12 PM

S.601, WRDA Agreement

Senator Boxer asked consent to consider a finite list of amendments including Johnson (SD) #891 (flood insurance) and Landrieu #888 (flood insurance). Senator Toomey reserved his right to object and stated his opposition to Landrieu's amendment #888 and objected to the request.

After some debate between Senators Landrieu and Toomey, Senator Boxer asked the same consent without the Landrieu and Johnson (SD) amendments.

Senator Rubio reserved his right to object and asked that the Rubio amendment #892 (IRS) be in order. Senator Boxer reminded the Senate that this is a water resources bill and did not agree to include the Rubio amendment in the agreement. Senator Rubio did not object to the overall agreement on the WRDA bill and the request was agreed to.

As a result of this agreement, we will not have a cloture vote on the bill. We expect a series of 2 votes beginning at 5:00pm tonight. Most likely candidates for roll call votes tonight are Barrasso #868 and Sanders #889. Inhofe #797 will likely be a voice vote. We expect to resume voting in relation to the remaining amendments and passage at a time to be determined tomorrow.

The following amendments will be considered and agreed to, en bloc:

-          Baucus #847;

-          Boxer-Vitter #899, as modified;

-          Inhofe #895;

-          Wicker #894;

-          Inhofe #867;

-          Boozman #872;

-          Thune #912;

-          Cornyn #880;

-          Murkowski #904;

-          Klobuchar #884;

-          Wyden #870, as modified;

-          Cochran #911, as modified;

-          Carper #882;

-          Murkowski #903, as modified;

-          Durbin #906, as modified;

-          Levin #893;

-          Collins #898;

-          Cardin #861, as modified;

-          Brown-Graham #907; and

-          Wyden #896.

Further, that the only remaining amendments in order to the bill be the following:

-          Inhofe #797;

-          Barrasso #868 (60 affirmative vote threshold);;

-          Sanders #889 (60 affirmative vote threshold);

-          Coburn #815;

-          Coburn #816;

-          Merkley #866;

-          Udall(NM) #853;

-          Hoeven #909; and

-          Boozeman #822

No second degree amendments are in order to any of the amendments prior to votes in relation to the amendments. The time until 5:00pm will be equally divided between the two Leaders, or designees, for debate on the amendments. At 5:00pm, the Senate will proceed to vote in relation to the amendments in the order listed. All after the first vote will be ten minute votes. There will be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote. The following amendments are subject to a 60 affirmative vote threshold:  Sanders #889; Barrasso #868.

Finally, upon disposition of the Hoeven amendment #909, the cloture motion be withdrawn and the Senate proceed to vote on passage of S.601, as amended.