May 7, 2014 07:31 PM

Senate Floor Wrap for Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Roll Call Votes

1)     Thune motion to table Reid amendment #3023 to S.2262, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act; Not Agreed To: 45-52

2)     Barrasso motion to table Reid amendment #3012 to S.2262; Not Agreed To: 45-51

Additional Legislative Items

Discharged the Judiciary committee and passed H.R.3627, the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act.

Began the Rule 14 process of the following bills in order to place them on the Legislative Calendar:

-        H.R.2824, the Protecting Coal Mining Jobs Act (Republican request) and

-        H.R.3826, the Electricity Security and Affordability Act (Republican request).

No Executive Items