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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Thursday, May 01, 2008

  • Pass S.2954, 2 week extension of Farm bill (through May 16, 2008);
  • Pass H.R.3522, Jicarilla Apache Reservation;
  • Adopt H.Con.Res.340, correct enrollment of H.R.493, Genetic Non-discrimination;
  • Adopt H.Con.Res.112, National Child Care Worthy Wage Day;
  • Adopt S.Res.494, Iraq Reconstruction, with a Reid amendment to the preamble;
  • Adopt S.Res.534, National Drug Court Month;
  • Adopt S.Res.544, National Substitute Teacher Week;
  • S.Res.545, El Dorado Promise Scholarship;
  • Adopt S.Res.546, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month;
  • Adopt S.Res.547, North American Occupational Safety and Health Week and Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day