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Cotton calls up amendments to Iran; Cornyn lays veto message to S.J.Res.8 (NLRB)

Senator Cotton offered amendment #1197 to the underlying bill, H.R.1191. He then offered a second degree amendment on behalf of Senator Rubio, which is SA #1198, to SA #1197.

Senator Cornyn then laid down the veto message to accompany S.J.Res.8, a joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval of the rule submitted by the National Labor Relations Boards. The veto message is the pending business before the Senate. We may see a vote in relation to the veto message after lunch today, but nothing is set yet.

Pending amendments to S.615, Iran

Cardin-Corker SA #1140 (substitute (S.615)

Corker-Cardin SA #1179 (Farsi translation)

Blunt SA #1155 (DoD report date)

Vitter SA #1186, as modified (verification system)

Cotton SA #1197 (Inspections)

Cotton for Rubio SA #1198 (Israel's right to exist)