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Vote series of Motions To Instruct vote sequence

All time has been yielded back. At approximately 4:20pm the Senate will begin voting on the following motions in the order listed. All votes after the first will be 10 minute votes. There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided between each vote.
  1. Brown (Too Big To Fail)
  2. Sanders (postal service)
  3. Burr (student loans)
  4. Warren (student loans)
  5. Sanders (social security)
  6. Schatz (same sex marriage benefits)
  7. Bennet (climate change)
  8. Fischer (side by side to Mikulski)
  9. Mikulski (equal pay for equal work)
  10. Fischer (side by side to Murray)
  11. Murray (paid sick leave)
  12. Murray (eliminate sequestration)
  13. Stabenow (Medicare cuts)