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Agreement on Medicare Access (SGR) and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015--up to 8 votes at 7:10pm

The Senate has reached an agreement to consider H.R.2, Medicare Access (SGR) and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, tonight. Under the order, at 7:10pm today, the Senate will proceed to the consideration of H.R.2, which was received from the House, and the only amendments in order be the following:

Cornyn #1114 (repeal individual mandate);

Bennet #1115 (4 years of CHIP);

Lee #1116 (motion to strike exclusion from PAYGO requirements);

Murray #1117 (women's health);

Cotton #1118 (fee schedule); and

Cardin #1119 (repeal of therapy caps).

Following the use or yielding back of time, the Senate will vote in relation to the amendments in the order listed, that all amendments except the Lee and Cotton amendments be subject to a 60 vote affirmative threshold for adoption, the bill then be read a third time and the Senate vote on passage of the bill, as amended, if amended. Further, there will be two minutes equally divided between the votes. All votes after the first will be ten minutes in length.

  1. Cornyn #1114 (repeal individual mandate) (60-vote threshold)
  2. Bennet #1115 (4 years of CHIP) (60-vote threshold)
  3. Lee #1116 (motion to strike exclusion from PAYGO requirements) (majority vote threshold)
  4. Murray #1117 (women's health) (60-vote threshold)
  5. Cotton #1118 (fee schedule) (majority vote threshold)
  6. Cardin #1119 (repeal of therapy caps (60-vote threshold)
  7. Motion to waive applicable budget points of order (60-vote threshold)
  8. Passage of H.R.2, as amended, if amended (majority vote threshold)