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Substitute amendment to FAA table; New substitute offered; Cloture filed on substitute and underlying bill

The Thune amendment #3464 (substitute) to H.R.636, FAA Reauthorization, was tabled by voice vote. Senator McConnell then called up a new substitute amendment #3679. The text of the new amendment is attached to this email (it is the current substitute with the agreed to amendments, plus the FAA tax piece). Senator McConnell then filed cloture on the substitute amendment and the underlying bill, and called up Thune amendment #3680 (the text of SA #3461).

Unless an agreement is reached, the cloture vote on the substitute amendment will occur one hour after the Senate convenes on Thursday, April 14.

As a result, the filing deadline for 1st degree amendments to the new substitute and underlying bill is 1:00pm tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13. The filing deadline for 2nd degree amendments would be one hour prior to the cloture vote, if cloture is invoked. Amendments going forward need to be filed to the new substitute amendment. If cloture is invoked, amendments must be germane and timely filed to be considered post cloture.