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Wrap Up for Thursday, April 7, 2016

Roll Call Votes
  1. Thune-Nelson amendment #3512, as modified (security); agreed to: 85-10.
  2. Heinrich #3482, as modified (security); agreed to: 91-5.
  3. Schumer #3483 (seat size); not agreed to: 42-54.

Legislative Business

The Senate adopted the following amendments to H.R.636, the legislative vehicle for FAA reauthorization by consent:

  1. Wyden #3499, as modified (heads-up guidance system displays)
  2. Collins #3508 (weather observers program)
  3. Tester #3505 (GAO study - advanced imaging technologies)
  4. Heller #3495 (veterans employment opportunities)
  5. Casey-Toomey #3458, as modified (cockpit doors)

Concurred in the House amendment to S.192 - reauthorize the Older American Act of 1965.

Adopted S.Res.392 - expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the prosecution and conviction of former President Mohamed Nasheed without due process and urging the Government of Maldives to take all necessary steps to redress this injustice, to release all political prisoners, and to ensure due process and freedom from political prosecution for all the people of the Maldives.

No Executive Business