April 2, 2014 08:01 PM

Senate Floor Wrap Up for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roll Call Votes

1)      Motion to invoke cloture on Reed substitute amendment #2974 (Emergency Unemployment Benefits Extension Act) to H.R.3979; Invoked: 61-38

2)      Motion to table the Reid amendment to H.R.3979, the legislative vehicle for the Emergency Unemployment Benefits Extension Act; Not Tabled: 46-50

3)      Reid motion to table the Vitter appeal of the ruling of the chair that a third degree amendment is not in order; Tabled: 67-29

Additional Legislative items

Adopted S.Res.409, congratulating the Penn State University wrestling team for winning the 2014 National Collegiate Athletic Association Wrestling Championships.

Completed the Rule 14 process of the following items in order to place the bills on the legislative calendar:

-        S.2198, the Emergency Drought Relief Act of 2014. (Feinstein)

-        S.2199, the Paycheck Fairness Act. (Mikulski)

Executive items

Confirmed the following nominations by voice vote:

-        Executive Calendar #520 Tomasz P. Malinowski, of the District of Columbia, to be Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor;

-        Executive Calendar #679 Portia Y. Wu, of the District of Columbia, to be an Assistant Secretary of Labor; and

-        Executive Calendar #705 Deborah L. Birx, of Maryland, to be Ambassador at Large and Coordinator of United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS Globally.