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2 roll call votes expected in the 4:30pm range

We are told the Republicans intend to make a motion to table one of the pending Reid amendments in the 4:15pm range to make it in order to offer an amendment. If the motion to table fails, we expect Senator Vitter will attempt to offer amendment #2931 (prohibit concurrent receipt of emergency unemployment benefits and Social Security disability benefits) in the third degree. The Chair would rule that third degree amendments are not in order and Senator Vitter would then appeal the rule of the chair.

As a result, senators should expect 2 roll call votes to begin in the 4:15pm range:

- Republican motion to table a pending Reid amendment to H.R.3979, the legislative vehicle for the Emergency Unemployment Benefits Extension Act

- Vitter motion to appeal the ruling of the chair. The question before the body would be: Shall the decision of the Chair stand? ( a yes vote would uphold the chair's ruling and the Senate's precedents)

As a reminder, it is in order to consider the Malinowski, Wu and Birx nominations today. We hope to confirm the nominations by voice votes.


-        Executive Calendar #520 Tomasz P. Malinowski, of the District of Columbia, to be Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor;

-        Executive Calendar #679 Portia Y. Wu, of the District of Columbia, to be an Assistant Secretary of Labor; and

-        Executive Calendar #705 Deborah L. Birx, of Maryland, to be Ambassador at Large and Coordinator of United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS Globally.

At a time to be determined today, there will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided in the usual form on each nomination prior to a vote on confirmation of the nominations in the order listed. If roll call votes are required, all roll call votes after the first would be 10 minutes in length.