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Series of up to 8 votes at 4:45pm

The Senate has reached an agreement that results in a series of up to 8 roll call votes at 4:45pm today.

The time until 4:45pm will be equally divided between the managers or their designees. All votes after the first will be 10 minute votes. There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided prior to each vote. At 4:45pm, the Senate will vote in relation to the following amendments in the order listed, with no second degree amendments in order prior to the votes:

  1. Stabenow amendment #755 (WOTUS) side by side to Barrasso amendment #347
  2. Barrasso amendment #347 (Waters of the United States)
  3. Sanders amendment #777, as modified (climate change) side by side to Blunt #350
  4. Blunt amendment #350 (Carbon)
  5. Hatch amendment #796 (Medicare) side-by-side to Bennet-Stabenow
  6. Bennet-Stabenow amendment #601 (Medicare)
  7. Murray amendment #801 (Sequester Replacement)
  8. Cotton amendment #481 (Israel)