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2 roll call votes at 12:15pm--Burr and Warren amendments on student loans

Senator Burr called up amendment #622 and Reed on behalf of Senator Warren called up amendment #652 (student loans). The Senate stands in recess subject to the call of the chair for the joint meeting of Congress. When the Senate resumes consideration of S.Con.Res.11, Budget, the time until 12:15pm will be equally divided between the managers or their designees. At 12:15pm, the Senate will vote in relation to the Burr and Warren amendments. There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided between the votes.

12:15pm-up to 2 roll call votes:

  1. Burr amendment #622 (student loans)
  2. Warren amendment #652 (student loan refinance)

The following amendments are pending to S.Con.Res.11, Budget: