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Wrap Up for Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roll Call Votes
  1. Sanders amendment #323 (infrastructure); not agreed to: 45-52.
  2. Sanders amendment #386 [side by side to Portman] (protect Medicaid beneficiaries from benefit cuts); agreed to: 94-3.
  3. Portman-Bennet amendment #349 (medically complex children in Medicaid); agreed to: 96-0.
  4. Sanders amendment #474 [side by side to Ayotte #400] (veterans choice); agreed to by voice vote.
  5. Ayotte amendment #400 (veterans choice); agreed to by voice vote.
  6. Fischer amendment #409 [side by side to Mikulski] (equal pay for equal work); agreed to: 56-43.
  7. Mikulski amendment #362 (equal pay for equal work); not agreed to: 45-54.
  8. Hatch amendment #498 [side by side to Wyden-Sanders-Whitehouse] (Social Security); agreed to: 75-24.
  9. Wyden motion to waive re:Wyden-Sanders-Whitehouse amendment #471 (Social Security) [60 vote threshold]; not agreed to: 51-48.
  10. Cornyn amendment #357 (President's Budget); not agreed to: 1-98.
Legislative Business

Adopted S.Res.110, Internet of Things.

Adopted S.Res.72, expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the January 24, 2015 attacks carried out by Russian-backed rebels on the civilian population in Mariupol, Ukraine; with amendments to the resolution and the title.

Passed S.301, to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in commemoration of the centennial of Boys Town, and for other purposes.

Executive Business