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Agreement on Budget amendments

The Senate has reached the agreement listed below.

Leader:            I ask unanimous consent that the next amendments in order to be called up after disposition of the Republican side-by-side amendment to Shaheen #438, be the following:

-          Menendez #651;

-          Coburn #409;

-          Whitehouse #652;

-          Blunt #261 (carbon tax);

-          Boxer #622 (Keystone)

-          Hoeven #494 (Keystone);

-          Durbin #578 (Marketplace Fairness);

-          Murray #653; and

-          Collins #144 (Full-time employees/ACA).

that the only second degree amendments in order prior to the votes in relation to the amendments listed above be the following amendments to the Durbin amendment #578:  Enzi #656, Ayotte #657, and Baucus #658 to be offered in that order; that notwithstanding all time having expired on the resolution, there be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote, with the exception of the vote prior to the Enzi second degree amendment #656 to Durbin #578 where there will be 40 minutes - 10 minutes each for Senators Durbin, Enzi, Ayotte and Baucus, or their designees; that the order of votes with respect to the second degree amendments to Durbin #578 be the following: Enzi, Ayotte and Baucus; that upon disposition of the Collins amendment #144, the Majority have the next amendment in order; finally all after the first vote be ten minute votes.