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Sessions makes motion to recommit

The Senate has resumed consideration of S.Con.Res.8, the Budget resolution. Senator Reid reiterated his intention that the Senate will be in session until we complete the Budget resolution and that could mean being in session all night Friday night or whatever it takes. Senators should plan accordingly.

Senator Sessions made a motion to recommit S.Con.Res.8 back to the Committee on the Budget with instructions to report back no later than March 22, 2013 with such changes as may be necessary to achieve unified budget balance by Fiscal Year 2023.

Motions to recommit are debatable for up to 1 hour, equally divided, and are amendable in two degrees. Each amendment to a motion is debatable for 1 hour each and equally divided. It would take consent to return to the resolution side of the amendment tree to offer amendments to the resolution.

When a vote time is set, another message will be sent.