March 20, 2013 01:15 PM

Amendments to H.R.933, the Continuing Appropriations bill

The following amendments have been considered to H.R.933, :
  • Cruz amendment #30 (defund Obamacare) Not Agreed to: 45-52
  • McCain amendment #33 (Guam) Not Tabled: 48-50; agreed to by voice vote
  • Harkin amendment #53 (Labor HHS flexibility)(60 affirmative-vote threshold) Not Agreed to: 54-45
  • Coburn amendment #66 (temporary freeze on non-essential federal employees) (60 affirmative-vote threshold) Not Agreed to: 45-54
  • Inhofe amendment #29, as modified (Farms-EPA oil spill and prevention rule) Agreed to by Unanimous Consent
  • Coburn amendment #69 (prohibit Urban Area Security Initiative Grants not improving homeland security) Not Agreed to:48-51
  • Coburn amendment #93 (public parks/White House tours) Not Agreed to: 45-54
  • Coburn amendment #65, as modified (Political Science grants at NSF) agreed to by voice vote
  • Coburn amendment #72, as modified (authorizing committees to receive information from Homeland Security) agreed to by voice vote
  • Inhofe-Hagan amendment #72, as modified (Armed Forces tuition programs) Agreed to by voice vote
  • Toomey amendment #115, as modified (cut biofuel funding/DoD) Not Agreed to: 40-59
  • Mikulski-Shelby amendment #26, as modified (substitute), as amended Agreed to: 70-29