March 2, 2016 01:03 PM

4 roll call votes at 2:30pm today

The Senate has reached an agreement that at 2:30pm today, the Senate will vote in relation to the following amendments in the order listed:
  1. SA #3362 - Feinstein (DOJ - drugs)
  2. SA #3395 - Wyden (Opioid treatments)
  3. SA #3367 - Toomey (Medicare)
  4. SA #3345 - Shaheen (Approps)

That there be no second degree amendments in order to the amendments and that Senator Enzi, or his designee, be recognized to offer budget point of order against the respective amendment and that the sponsor or their designee be recognized to make a motion to waive. All amendments will be subject to a 60 vote affirmative threshold.

Budget points of order may be raised against the Wyden and Shaheen amendments and if raised, the votes would be on the motion to waive.