February 28, 2013 03:25 PM

cloture re: sequestration votes failed; Reid entered motion to reconsider failed cloture vote on his motion; next vote Monday @ 5:30pm

Cloture on the McConnell motion to proceed to S.16, a bill to provide for sequestration replacement (Inhofe bill), was not invoked by a roll call vote of 38-62.

Cloture on the motion to proceed to S.388, American Family Economic Protection Act of 2013 (Mikulski-Murray-Reid bill), was not invoked by a roll call vote of 51-49. Senator Reid changed his vote to no and then entered a motion to reconsider the vote by which cloture was not invoked on his motion.

The Senate is now in a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each. There will be no further roll call votes during today's session of the Senate. Senators should expect the next vote to occur around 5:30pm on Monday in relation to a judicial nomination.