February 26, 2010 05:30 AM

Senate Floor Schedule For Friday, February 26, 2010

  • The Senate will proceed to a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each.
  • This morning, Senator Durbin asked unanimous consent to take up and pass HR4691, an act to extend for 30-days certain expiring provisions, including unemployment insurance, COBRA, flood insurance, highway funding, small business loans and small business provisions of the American Recovery Act, the Satellite Home View Act, SGR, and poverty provisions.
  • Senator Bunning objected.
  • Senator Bunning then asked unanimous consent to take up and pass HR4691 with a Bunning or any other pay-for amendment.
  • Senator Durbin objected. He reiterated the fact that Senator Reid offered Senator Bunning a vote on his amendment or any other amendment and Senator Bunning rejected the offer. Senator Durbin also said that this is an emergency situation and should be treated as such.