February 2, 2012 12:24 PM

Agreement on S.2038, STOCK Act

The Senate has reached an agreement to complete action on S.2038, the STOCK Act. As a result, senators should expect a series of votes at 2pm in relation to the amendments listed below and on passage of S.2038, as amended. All after the first vote will be 10 minutes in duration with 2 minutes equally divided between each vote.

- Lieberman #1482 (technical);

- Paul #1484 (non-trading certification);

- Paul #1487 (exec staff rule-making prohibit) (60-vote threshold);

- Lieberman #1511 (side-by-side to Shelby #1491);

- Shelby #1491, as modified (exec);

- Paul #1485, as modified (exec and judicial);

- Boxer-Isakson #1489, as modified (mortgage disclosure) (60-vote threshold);

- Portman #1505 (technical);

- Enzi #1510 (mutual funds);

- Blumenthal #1498 (felony conviction - no pension) (60-vote threshold);

- Toomey-McCaskill #1472 (earmark prohibition) (60-vote threshold);

- Inhofe #1500 (earmark prohibition) (60-vote threshold);

- McCain #1471 (GSEs - bonuses) (60-vote threshold);

- Leahy-Cornyn #1483 (anti-corruption) (60-vote threshold);

- Coburn #1473 (duplicative/overlapping programs) (2/3 vote threshold);

- DeMint #1488 (SoS - term limits) (60-vote threshold);

- Grassley #1493 (60-vote threshold); and

- Brown (OH) #1481, as modified (divestiture) (60-vote threshold).

Upon disposition of the amendments, the Substitute amendment #1470, as amended, if amended, will be agreed to. The Senate will then proceed to vote on passage of the bill, as amended.

We hope that some of these amendments will be considered by voice vote.