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Roll Call Vote on Daines amendment #246

At 11:29am, the Senate began a 15 minute roll call vote on Daines amendment #246 (SoS Land and Water Conservation Fund);

Not Agreed To: 47-51


  1. Burr amendment #92, as modified (Land and Water Conservation Fund)
  2. Udall #77 (renewable electricity standards)
  3. Barrasso amendment #245 (tribal treaties)
  4. Cardin amendment #124 (tribal treaty requirements)
  5. Cloture on S.1, Keystone

2:30pm-up to 6 roll call votes (post-cloture amendments are subject to a majority affirmative vote threshold):

  1. Booker amendment #155 (new circumstances)
  2. Markey amendment #141 (delay effective date)
  3. Markey amendment #178 (oil spill liability trust fund)
  4. Cantwell amendment #131 (U.S. environmental laws)
  5. Boxer amendment #130 (permit savings clause)
  6. Passage of S.1, as amended, a bill to approve the Keystone pipeline