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Amendments made pending to Energy bill

The following amendments have been made pending to S.2012, Energy:

Shaheen amendment #2968 (smart manufacturing definition);

Murkowski amendment #2963 (bulk power system reliability);

Barrasso amendment #3017 (technology prizes);

Markey amendment #2982 (energy production/crude report);

Crapo amendment #3021 (nuclear energy technologies); and

Schatz amendment #2965 (advanced research projects).

At 12:00 noon tomorrow, the Senate will vote on Crapo #3021 (nuclear energy technologies) and at 1:45pm, the Senate will vote on Schatz amendment #2965 (advanced research projects). No second degree amendments are in order to the Crapo or Schatz amendments prior to votes. The time until 12:00 noon and following the disposition of the Crapo amendment until 1:45pm will be equally divided between the two managers or their designees.