January 27, 2015 09:06 PM

Agreement to vote on several amendments to S.1, Keystone

The Senate has reached an agreement to vote on up to 18 amendments tomorrow. On Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 2:30pm, the Senate will proceed to vote in relation to the following amendments in the order listed:
  1. Cardin amendment #75 (local water supplier)
  2. Peters amendment #70 (pipeline safety)
  3. Sanders amendment #23 (solar panels)
  4. Cruz amendment #15 (expedited export of natural gas to WTO)
  5. Merkley amendment #125 (infrastructure)
  6. Moran amendment #73 (prairie chicken)
  7. Whitehouse amendment #148 (campaign finance disclosure re: Keystone)
  8. Daines amendment #132 (Sense of Congress national monuments)
  9. Coons amendment #115 (climate resiliency projects)
  10. Collins amendment #35 (school building efficiency)
  11. Carper amendment #120 (fuel cell motor vehicles)
  12. Murkowski amendment #166 (wilderness study areas)
  13. Heitkamp #133 (renewable tax credits)
  14. Gillibrand amendment #48 (fracking)
  15. Barrasso amendment #245 (tribal treaties)
  16. Cardin amendment #124 (tribal treaty requirements)
  17. Daines amendment #246 (SoS Land and Water Conservation Fund) -side by side to Burr amendment #92
  18. Burr amendment #92, as modified (Land and Water Conservation Fund)

Further, all amendments on this list be subject to a 60 vote affirmative threshold for adoption and that no second degrees be in order to the amendments. There will be 2 minutes of debate equally divided between each vote, and that all votes after the first in the series be 10 minute votes.