January 22, 2015 04:56 PM

Roll Call Vote on Murkowski motion to table Manchin amendment #99 (climate change)

4:56pm The Senate began a 10 minute roll call vote on the Murkowski motion to table Manchin amendment #99 (climate change);

Tabled: 53-46

The Manchin amendment is a side by side to the Sanders amendment. If the Manchin amendment is tabled, the next vote will be on a motion to table Sanders amendment #24 (climate change)


  1. Sanders amendment #24 (climate change);
  2. Lee amendment #71 (drilling permit applications);
  3. Murkowski amendment #123 (side by side for Wyden) (oil spill liability trust fund);
  4. Wyden amendment #27 (oil spill liability trust fund);
  5. Blunt amendment #78, as mod (international greenhouse gas emission agreements);
  6. Cornyn amendment #126, as mod (side by side for Menendez) (Eminent domain); and
  7. Menendez amendment #72, as mod (eminent domain).