acrobatJudge Kavanaugh And Other Former White House Staff Secretaries To Presidents Of Both Parties Agree On The Importance Of HighRanking Position As “Key Nerve Center” “Integrally Involved In The Decision-Making Process.” What Are Republicans Trying To Hide From Judge Kavanaugh’s Time In The Bush White House?
acrobatRepublicans And Trump White House Offer Misleading Defense of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Dangerous Views On Executive Power
acrobatJudge Kavanaugh Worked As White House Staff Secretary During Major Controversies. What Are Republicans Trying To Hide?
acrobatLetter to President Bush On Judge Kavanaugh
acrobatOne Year After A Bipartisan Majority In Senate Rejected Health Care Repeal, Senate Democrats, Joined By Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions, Outline How Trump Admin And GOP Still Spent Last Year Sabotaging U.S. Health Care System, Hurting Middle-Class Families And How The Kavanaugh Nomination Puts Vital Health Care Protections On Chopping Block
acrobatJudge Kavanaugh’s Own Words About His Time As White House Staff Secretary Demonstrate The Need For Access To His Full Record As A Top White House Staffer
acrobat Leader Schumer Letter to Chairman Grassley re Doc Request
acrobatJudge Kavanaugh Has Shown Troubling And Expansive Views On Presidential Power – The American People Must Have Access To His Full Record
acrobatJudge Kavanaugh’s Nomination Threatens Pre-Existing Condition Protections For Millions Of Americans
acrobatWhy Lip Service To Precedent Is Not Enough – Judges Nominated To The Supreme Court By Republican Presidents Told The Senate They Would “Follow The Law Of Judicial Precedent” Only To Overturn It, Harming Working Americans
acrobatWhat’s At Stake: President Trump Promised To Nominate Justices To Overturn Roe
acrobatWhat’s At Stake: President Trump Promised To Nominate Justices Who Would Erode Healthcare Protections For Middle-Class Americans
acrobatNEW REPORT: Trump-Republican Health Care Sabotage Means Higher Costs for American Families
acrobatSPECIAL REPORT: How the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans are Responsible for Trump Administration Dysfunction
acrobatNEW REPORT AHEAD OF TAX DAY: Corporations Hit More Than $250 Billion In Stock Buybacks in 2018, Overwhelmingly Benefitting Executives And Wealthy Shareholders—Not Workers
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