Press Releases

March 2017
The Supreme Court Unanimously Rejected Judge Gorsuch’s Approach to Limiting the Rights of Disabled Children Seeking Appropriate Public Education
The Ginsburg Standard: Judging a Nominee Who Won’t Answer Questions
Previous Supreme Court Nominees Answered Fair Questions
Judge Neil Gorsuch: President Trump Stands By His Litmus Test to Appoint Only an Anti-Choice Extremist
Judge Gorsuch’s Record Raises Questions about Ability to be Independent: Shows He is a Republican Loyalist and Proponent of Executive Power
Take it From the GOP: Supreme Court Nominees Are Held to a Higher Standard
Myth/Fact: Judge Gorsuch's Record Is Not Extraordinarily Mainstream
Judge Gorsuch’s Record Suggests He is Not an Independent Voice – He is a Conservative with “the Vision of Donald Trump”
Senate Dem Leaders Urge Republicans to Work in Bipartisan Way to Avoid Gov't Shutdown In April - Warn That Poison Pill Riders Including Defunding Planned Parenthood & Border Wall Would Result In Republican Shutdown
Schumer Urges Dept. of Justice Inspector General to Launch Immediate Investigation Into Whether There Has Been Any Political Interference With Investigation Into Trump Campaign Ties to Russia
Schumer Calls For Attorney General Sessions to Resign, Outlines Three Critical Steps to Ensure Integrity of Investigation Into Ties Between President Trump's Campaign Officials and Russia
February 2017
Schumer Remarks on Trumpcare: Seniors, Women, Millennials, & those with Disabilities will Pay More for Less Coverage
Schumer Prebuttal to President Trump’s Speech to Joint Session of Congress: Populist Platitudes Will Cover Up Hard-Right Agenda
Schumer, Pelosi Announce Democratic Response to President Trump's Joint Address To Congress
Schumer Statement on President Trump’s Plan for Mass Deportations
By The Numbers: Republicans Shy Away From Defending President Trump's Conflict-of-Interest Laden, Dangerous, Inexperienced Swamp Cabinet Nominees
Schumer, Senate Democrats Demand Investigations into the Trump Administration’s Ties to Russia
Schumer, Senate Democrats Demand Investigations into the Trump Administration’s Ties to Russia
Schumer Calls for Independent Investigation into Former National Security Adviser Flynn, Expects AG Sessions to Recuse Himself
New Video From Senate Dems: President Trump’s Broken Promise To Stand Up To Wall Street
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