Press Releases

June 2017
Schumer Statement on Senator Grassley Calling on President to Rescind OLC Opinion Shielding Bureaucrats from Scrutiny
Senator Ron Wyden Delivers Democratic Weekly Address
KEY MOMENTS FROM COMEY TESTIMONY: “Very Important” Special Counsel – Fired Over Russia – Release the Tapes – Special Counsel Will Determine Obstruction – Trump Defamed FBI – Repeated Concerns About President Trump’s Lies
Schumer Statement on President’s Call for Travel Ban in Wake of London Attacks
Updated: Schumer Statement on President Trump’s Glacial Pace in Selecting Nominees for Senate Confirmation
Schumer Statement on President Trump’s ‘Infrastructure Week’
Schumer Statement on President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement
Schumer Statement on President Trump’s Delay in Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
May 2017
New Video From Senate Democrats: Republicans Celebrated Trumpcare Without Knowing What It Does – According to Non-Partisan CBO, Republicans’ Health Care Bill Is A Complete Disaster
Editorials Across the Country Blast Trump Budget That “Leaves Working Class Base Behind” – “This Won’t End Well”
50 States, 50 Stories: Across the Country, Local Headlines Slam Trump Budget
What They’re Saying: Republicans Rush to Blast “Draconian” Trump Budget With “Very Harmful” Cuts That “Do Not Make Sense”
New Video: Then-Candidate Donald Trump Promised He Would Not Cut Medicaid; Now, President Trump Has Proposed Budget That Would Devastate Program That Millions Of Americans Rely On
Schumer, In Call with Director Mulvaney, Urges White House To Provide Secret Lobbyist Waivers to Office of Government Ethics
ICYMI: Dems Demand Answers From Trump Administration After Two Weeks of Chaos -- Nearly A Dozen Letters Sent
Fact Check: Congress Can And Should Continue Investigations While Executive Branch Investigations Are Ongoing
Schumer Statement on Trump Administration Request for Delay in Cost Sharing Reduction Payments Lawsuit
Schumer Remarks on the Firing of FBI Director James Comey
Schumer Recommends Consumer Advocate Rohit Chopra to the President to Serve as FTC Commissioner – Says Chopra is Eminently Qualified and has Been Putting Interests of Consumers First His Entire Career
Entire Democratic Caucus Urges GOP Leadership to Drop Repeal Efforts and Work in Bipartisan Way to Improve America’s Healthcare System
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