Press Releases

November 2017
Schumer Responds to President Trump’s Proposal To Repeal Individual Mandate and Cut Top Tax Bracket Even Further
Schumer Statement on Nomination of Alex Azar for HHS Secretary
Schumer Responds to Chairman Brady on SALT Deduction
Schumer: Senate Bill Breaks McConnell Promise That Plan Wouldn’t Raise Taxes on Middle Class
Schumer Responds to President Trump’s Comments on China Trade
Schumer Statement on CBO Analysis of Individual Mandate Repeal
Schumer Statement on Reports the Senate Tax Bill Will Fully Eliminate SALT Deduction
NEW VIDEO: Republicans Admit: Middle Class Americans Would See Tax Hike Under GOP Tax Plan
Schumer Statement on Tax Policy Center Analysis of GOP Tax Plan
Schumer: New Study Shows as Time Goes on, Middle Class Sees Taxes Go Up, Wealthy Reap Greater Giveaways
Schumer & Wyden Statement on Paradise Papers & GOP Tax Proposal
The Republican Tax Plan Attacks Key Middle Class Tax Deductions to Give Huge Benefits to the Wealthy and Corporations
Schumer Statement on Tenure of Janet Yellen and Nomination of Jerome Powell for Federal Reserve Chair
Schumer Statement on Reports of Emerging Republican Tax Plan
Schumer Responds to President Trump - Urges President to Focus on Real Solution & Rescind Proposed Anti-Terrorism Funding Cuts
October 2017
Schumer Statement on Act of Terror in New York
Schumer Statement on Chairman Brady’s Plan to End Deductibility of State Income Tax
Senate Dems Unveil Plan To Expand 401k Retirement Savings Opportunities For Americans – As GOP Sets To Unveil Tax Proposal That Would Harm Millions Of Working Americans, Dems Urge Republicans To Expand Retirement Opportunities For Middle Class
Schumer Statement on Special Counsel Investigation Indictments
Schumer Announces Hold on Two Department of Commerce Nominees Over the Trump Administration’s Stalled Action on Steel & Aluminum Imports
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